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Type 1 Web Camshafts For 1.1 & 1.25 Rockers



Product type: Camshafts

Vendor: WebCam



Type 1, 2 & 3 Web Camshafts. Web cams have been Race proven for years, and provide reliable HP at all Power ranges..

This series of cams is designed to work with the stock 1.1 and 1.25 Rockers 

"Please Note" New cams should be installed using new lifters and proper assembly lube, or Severe damage may occur


WC-00-032, Web Cam, 86 .358L x 270D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-052, Web Cam, 118 .402L x 286D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-042, Web Cam, 119 .422L x 276D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-212, Web Cam, 163 .422L x 284D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-122, Web Cam, 110/119 .435/.422L x 284/276D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-712, Web Cam, 110/163 .435/.422L x 284/284D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-062, Web Cam, 110 .435L x 284D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-562, Web Cam, 218/119 .460/422L x 280/276D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-442, Web Cam, 109/119 .465/.422L x 287/276D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-602, Web Cam, 111 .476L x 272D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-092, Web Cam, 121 .490L x 298D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-00-082, Web Cam, 86a .502L x 290D W/1.5 Rockers

WC-00-312, Web Cam, 122/125 .506/.478L x 290/288D W/1.1 Rockers

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