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VW Type 1 High Performance PLUS Rebuild Engine Kit



Product type: High Performance Rebuild Kits

Vendor: AA Performance Products



Even if items shows out of stock, please give us a call we might be able to build you the kit


Our High Performance Plus! engine kit is one of the most competitive engine kits on the market. In addition to all the standard parts included in the High Performance kit, the Performance Plus Kits come with Forged pistons for maximum power. This kit allows you to build an Engine  2180 to 2386 cc. The Engine Kits are set up with the parts needed with Minimal machine work and Maximum options. We do not include the Maine Bearings because of the various Line Bore sizes, please see engine bearings for the size you need. The engine sizes below will give you an idea of what type of Machine work you will need to do. Please check out the more common up grades to improve and complete your long block. If you need help or you're curious about what valve-train you should use. Please ask and let us know what your plan is to do with the vehicle, is it a daily driver, weekend warrior, drag-racing, or off-road? so we can get you the best possible combo to match your needs.


This kit features the following parts:

New Chromoly 4340 Counter weighted  Crankshaft.
New Chromoly H Beam Rods  5.4 & 5.5" Length.
New Chromoly Lightweight Flywheel
AA Forged Piston & Cylinder kit
Chromoly 42mm Gland Nut with H.D. Washer
High Quality Rod Bearings
High Quality Cam Bearing Set
High Quality Complete Gasket set with Red Silicone Main Seal

Please select the engine size above :

Machine Work Required **

,2126, 2220, 2180, 2275,  2233, 2332, 2286,& 2386 

** Case and Heads will need to be opened to the appropriate Bore size & Case will need to be Stroker Clearance for the larger crank.



Other High Performance Engine Upgrades:

EK 003 94JE:    Upgrade 92 or 94 AA pistons too JE Pistons 

EK 003 421 XXS1:   Add new set of Dual Port  Stage 2 C & C Port and Polish 40x35.5 with Dual springs And Stainless steel Windage Push-rod tubes, for 92, or 94mm bore.

EK 003 441 XXP1:   Add new set of Dual Port  Stage 3 C & C Port and Polish 42x37.5 with Dual springs And Stainless steel Windage Push-rod tubes, for 92, or 94mm bore.

EK 003 461 XXP1:   Add new set of Dual Port  Stage 3 C & C Port and Polish 44x37.5 with Dual springs And Stainless steel Windage Push-rod tubes, for 92, or 94mm bore.

EK 002 92KL:    Upgrade 92mm liners to thick-wall 92K Liner for the 94 bore Heads and 92 bore Case. 

EK 002 92ML:    Upgrade 92mm liners to thick-wall 92M Liner for the 94 bore Heads and 94 bore Case.

EK 003 94ML:    Upgrade 94mm liners to Long 94mm Liners, Cutting Required for exact deck Height  



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