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Type 4 Porsche 914 Camshafts 1" Base Circle-Type-4-914
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Type 4 Porsche 914 Camshafts 1" Base Circle



Product type: Camshafts

Vendor: WebCam


Type 4 Porsche 914 Camshafts with 1" Base Circle work with Stock 1.3 Rockers. 1'' base circle required with 80mm and bigger stroke cranks. Web cams have been Race proven for years, and provide reliable HP at all Power ranges.

*Please Note New cams should be installed using new lifters and proper assembly lube, or Severe damage may occur



WC-67610, Web Cam 86, .423L x 270D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-67611, Web Cam 86a, .435Lx 290D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-68361, Web Cam 494, .465L x 280D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-2307, Web Cam 119, .500L x 276D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-62341, Web Cam 86b, .500L x300D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-68362, Web Cam 86b/86c, .500/.507L x 300/310D

WC-68444, Web Cam 163/86b, .500/.500L x 284/300D

WC-67612, Web Cam 163, .500L x 284D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-64926, Web Cam 86c, .507L x 310D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-66405, Web Cam 251, .546L x 324D W/1.1 Rockers

WC-62412, Web Cam 277, .572L x 320D W/1.1 Rockers


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