content_copy 80mm Porsche 356 Pre A 1500cc 22mm Pin

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80mm Porsche 356 Pre A 1500cc 22mm Pin



Product type: Porsche Piston and Cylinder Kits

Vendor: AA Performance Products



This is a new set of 80mm Porsche 356 pistons and cylinders. It fits Pre A Porsches 1948-55 with the early 2 piece Case. The Cylinders are cast iron with Graphite Coated Hypereutectic pistons with valve pockets, and the 22mm Pin. This kit requires no machine work, when installing in a factory Porsche case & heads

It is also commonly used as a big bore supplement for the early 36 Horse VW Engine, but requires a lot of machine work. 


Engine size: 1500cc

Stroke: 74mm

Cylinders: Cast Iron.

Pistons: Hypereutectic 

Dome CC: 0

Piston Angle: Flat top

Kit includes: 4 Cylinders, 4 Pistons, A set of Piston Rings, and 4 wrist pins and clips.

Part # 008 11 80S