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IMI Hi TorqueStarter, 12 Volt 1.2kW VW Type 2 091/094 Bus
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IMI Hi TorqueStarter, 12 Volt 1.2kW VW Type 2 091/094 Bus



Product type: Starters

Vendor: IMI


Hi-torque high output starter for VW Volkswagen Type 2, 091 Irs Type 2 Bus  transmissions.This is the most common high performance starter sold in the VW industry. It is lighter, stronger and requires no starter bushing (it is self supporting like the SR17x starter). This is the light weight (9 lbs) reduction gear High torque starter with cranking power to spare. The unique self supported design uses a Nippon denso powered starter with 525 lbs of torque to start most high powered or high compression engines. Compact design with vented solenoid for better heat resistance. Made with a 5 full roller bearing construction and it draws less current than standard starters. Several different mounting positions for better clearance and these features make this the most popular starters in the off-road and racing. Type 1, 002 Bus and Mendeola transmission bell housings measure 33mm from the face to the flywheel teeth. 091 bus transmission bell housings measure 44mm from the mounting surface to the flywheel teeth.Genuine Nippon Denso starter motor coupled to our patented design.

  •     Rotation CCW
  •     kW 1.2
  •     Gearing 4.44 to 1
  •     Rotatable Yes
  •     Voltage 12 volt