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Brake Rotor, Front, 4-Lug (VW Pattern – 4×130) Drums and Rotors Empi # 113-407-075



Product type: Drums and Rotors

Vendor: Empi



Brake Rotor, Front, 4-Lug (VW Pattern – 4×130)

Part #: 113407075

AA Performance is proud to offer a wide variety of drums and rotors for most any use. Have a special wheel application for your VW but nobody make s a drum or rotor that you  can  bolt them up to?

Well, look again! AA Performance drums and rotors are the solution to your woes. Our drums and rotors can be custom drilled and  tapped or studded for your special wheel application. We stock drums and rotors drilled for standard 4-Lug VW, Porsche 5-Lug or Chevy 5- Lug patterns. Or buy them blank for your machinist to accommodate your needs or supply accurate lug pattern dimensions and we'll drill and tap or stud to your exact specifications.

Type 3 Notes: Later model cars had a centering ring on the rotor, our rotors do not have this centering ring, they will however still work for your application. 

Brake Rotor, Front, 4-Lug (VW Pattern – 4×130)
Empi # 113-407-075