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Chromoly H-Beam Rods VW Type 1 VW Journal 5/16 Bolts



Product type: Type 1 Rods

Vendor: AA Performance Products



This is a Brand New Set of H Beam Connecting Rods for the VW Type 1 Air Cooled Engine with VW Journals. These are forged Chromoly steel with high strength 5/16" Rod Bolts, and are stroker clearance for the bigger stroked cranks. These rods are a great upgrade over stock VW rods and will work great in a stroker engine. The are available in 3 different lengths  5.394, 5.400, and 5.500" Stronger ARP 2000 Bolts are also available as an upgrade to the 200K Bolts.

Aircooled VW Type 1

Wrist Pin:

5.394", 5.400",  5.500" or 5.600"

VW Type 1

Bolt Type: 5/16

***Choose rod size and if you would like to upgrade the rod bolts***