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AA Performance Main Bearings for Porsche 356/912-356c-912, AA Performance Products
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AA Performance Main Bearings for Porsche 356/912



Product type: Main Bearings

Vendor: AA Performance Products


This is a brand new Set of: AA Performance Main Bearings for Porsche 356C/912 available in most common Porsche sizes, Some sizes also available with plus 1mm Thrust to make it easier to save an old case with a wore out trust

Engine: Porsche 356C and 912

Sizes available: in "MM"

STD Case/STD Crank -
STD Case/0.25 Crank 
STD Case/0.50 Crank -
0.25 Case/STD Crank
0.25 Case/STD Crank/Thrust +1mm (+ $40.00)
0.25 Case/0.25 Crank
0.25 Case/0.25 Crank/Thrust +1mm (+ $40.00)
0.25 Case/0.50 Crank
0.50 Case/STD Crank
0.50 Case/STD Crank/Thrust +1mm (+ $40.00)
0.50 Case/0.25 Crank
0.50 Case/0.25 Crank/Thrust +1mm (+ $40.00)
0.50 Case/0.50 Crank

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